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If you are "in the know" then you already know that the very
latest trend for mobile DJs is digital video party games.
Professor Bob used to be known as TV game show host
"Bingo Bob." So, we are way ahead of pack with years of live
TV game show experience. Da Spin Doctor offers the following "'pencil and paper" games & contests FREE with our DJ MC bookings:
Professor Bob on the Titanic
Honolulu HI Oahu mobile DJ MC Da Spin Doctor Professor Bob
  • "Name the Tune"
  • "Hula Hoop"
  • Team "Twister"
  • "College of Musical Knowledge" Trivia
  • Dance contests
Hawaii DJ MC Professor Bob Da Spin DoctorBUT - If you want upscale video games and contests to be a major feature of your next event, we now offer digital TV games presented on big screen video. Every night millions of people are watching game shows at home, screaming out answers to their TV screens.  Picture your guests doing that at your next event. These highly interactive trivia games are just like those you have seen on popular TV game shows, but with you and your guests as the contestants.  Imagine your favorite TV interactive game shows with a LIVE host at your next event.  Fun, zany, unpredictable, exciting, and wild!  Our TV games include sound effects, music, photos, automatic scoring, with "lock out" pads / buzzers.
Hawaii DJ MC Professor Bob Da Spin DoctorWe can accommodate up to 10 individual players, or better yet - 10 TEAMs play! Everyone can participate!
For a small additional fee we can even customize questions and answers to your family, event, wedding reception, or your company.  For example, we can add pictures of your guests when they were kids, and the players have to guess who they are.
Due to copyright restrictions, we can't mention specific TV shows, but we will be happy to come to your home or office for a live demonstration. 
You have to see this system to believe it!
If you check the Internet, you will find the standard DJ fees for these games is up to $1,000 per event. But, since this is new to Hawai'i, we are offering a low, LOW introductory rate !!!
We perform all your favorite
TV game shows! 
We also offer video non-gambling BINGO.
Why not combine our DJ music services with video games for
a full, fun, memorable event? Many folks schedule one hour of games and three hours of music. (HUGE discounts apply for combined services.)
Call Professor Bob (ask for 'Bingo Bob') for details!
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