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A few of Professor Bob's fav retro sites:
Craving an authentic 1950's Diner in Honolulu, complete with soda fountain, Elvis, Marilyn, and dancing waitresses?
Route 66 & Drive-In Movie stuff -
Cool Party Supplies -
Cheap Party Supplies -
Bowling Shirts, Poodle Skirts, and other 50s/60s stuff -
Retro Music, Comedy, & Video -
Explore this! It will take hours! -
Learn the "fad" Retro Dances that Prof. Bob plays ! (Twist, Watusi, Frug, Hokey Pokey, Mashed Potato, Monkey, Pony, Locomotion, Limbo, Madison, Shimmy, Stroll, Bunny Hop, Freddy) -
Hawaii DANCERS - THE definitive dance event newsletter via a superb web site updated for the upcoming week every Sunday.  You can sign up to have the upcoming week dances & available lessons emailed to you for free.  Emphasis is on 'partnered' dances, but has links to most major dance web sites in Hawaii -
Here are several short nostalgic and patriotic productions that you will enjoy:
From the above link, here is my personal favorite about growing up in the fifties: