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The heart of any DJ's system is the sound.  Professor Bob takes sound quality very,VERY seriously!  Da Spin Doctor has invested more than $20,000 in speakers alone!
We offer live band support with our four JBL Eon 15" stand speakers, JBL 18" sub-woffer, EV cab speakers, plus stage monitors, mic stands, mics, mixers, and lighting.
Prez & BoseBut, the true "state-of-the-art" in mobile audio is Bose.  We offer Bose Pro L1 Compacts and full L1 model II double bass systems, even though they are two to four times the cost of conventional speakers.  Why?
The sound quality is unique.  Many of our clients comment, "I have heard that song dozens of times before, but I never heard ALL of the music!" WOW !
(Yes, that's the Prez with a Bose L1)
Bose L1 systems don't look or sound like conventional speakers.
Bose L1 II 2 subs Hawaii DJ Professor Bob, Da Spin DoctorBose L1 Compact Hawaii DJ Professor Bob, Da Spin DoctorBose compacts Hawaii DJ Professor Bob, Da Spin Doctor
What makes an L1 loudspeaker
so different?
Bose speakers Hawaii DJ Professor Bob, Da Spin Doctor"It begins with the shape. L1 Model I and Model II loudspeakers contain a column of closely spaced small drivers mounted in a slim enclosure. This unusual vertical design has significant effects on the sound. An L1 loudspeaker projects sound waves forward and to the sides at nearly 180 degrees, but very little up and down, reducing unwanted room reverberation. Amplified sound also spreads out more evenly across the stage and into the audience, and the volume level drops off much more slowly than with a conventional speaker." - Bose L1 web site
What does all that mean for you?
It means several important advantages -
Bose diagram Hawaii DJ Professor Bob, Da Spin Doctor
  • The sound is nearly the same volume if you are right in front of them, or far away.
  • The sound and volume is very evenly spread throughout the room.
  • The stage setup is clean, neat, and undistracting with very few wires, no speaker stands, sub woffers, or other equipment.
Bose L1 setup @ Kahala (Hilton) Hotel - Neat & Uncluttered !
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