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You have probably heard about Up Lighting. 
Here is the "real deal."
There are essentially two types of Up Lighting:
1.  Cheap PAR cans which are 'old school', dangerous, and ugly
2.  State-of-the-art LED wireless
Old school PAR cans are simply a light bulb enclosed in a tin or steel can.  They must be plugged into a wall outlet or extension cords, which are ugly and present a trip hazard.  They are usually one color.  As with any incandescent bulb, they get hot...VERY hot.  If you are going to have children at your event, that presents a very serious burn danger because PAR cans are usually mounted on the floor.  Kids love to play with lights, and there is a chance that they could get burned.
LED wireless units are often battery powered and wirelessly controlled.  They don't require any power cords or control cables.  They offer hundreds of color combinations which can be changed effortlessly and wirelessly during the event.  Because they are wireless, they can be moved easily during an event.  But, most importantly they are safe.  They produce virtually no heat so there is no chance of a burn injury. 
Da Spin Doctor uses only the very latest Colorado Sound & Light LED wireless units.  PAR cans each cost about $20 to purchase.  Our LED units cost $200 each.  But, just like our state-of-the-art sound systems, we offer only the very best to our clients.
If you would like to feature the very best, safest Up Lighting at your event, please give us a call!